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Black Sabbath, letras

Solitude (5:02); album "Master of Reality", 1971. Compuesto por Tonni Iommi, "Geezer" Butler, James Ward, Ozzy Osbourne.

My name it means nothing
My fortune is less
My future is shrouded in dark wilderness
Sunshine is far away, clouds linger on,
Everything I possess, now they are gone,
they are gone, they are gone

Oh where can I go to and what can I do?
Nothing can please me only thoughts are of you
You just laughed when I begged you to stay
I've not stopped crying since you went away,
you went away, you went away

The world is a lonely place you're on your own
Guess I will go home sit down and moan
Crying and thinking is all that I do,
Memories I have remind me of you,
of you, of you

Changes (4:41) de Black Sabbath, Volume IV, 1972. Iommi, Butler, Ward, Osbourne.

I feel unhappy, I feel so sad,
I lost the best friend that I ever had,
She was my woman, I loved her so,
But it's too late now, I've let her go

I'm going through changes
I'm going through changes

We shared the years, we shared each day,
In love together we found a way,
But soon the world had its evil way,
My heart was blinded,
Love went astray

I'm going through changes
I'm going through changes

It took so long to realize,
And I can still hear her last goodbyes,
Now all my days are filled with tears,
Wish I could go back and change these years

I'm going through changes
I'm going through changes

Y la siguiente letra no viene de lo que me hizo ponerme a buscarlas (aureleen), pero me hace pensar mucho en alguien.

Wheels of Confusion (8:00) También del Vol. IV, mismos autores, los 4 del grupo

Long ago I wandered through my mind,
In the land of fairy tales and stories,
Lost in happiness I didn't know fears,
Innocence and love was all I knew,
Was an illusion

Soon the days were passing into haze,
Happiness just didn't come so easy,
Life was bored of fairy tales and daydreams,
Innocence was just another word,
Was an illusion

Lost in the wheels of (confusion/delusion),
Running through valleys of tears
Eyes full of angered illusion,
Hiding in ev'ry day dream

So I found that life is just a game,
But (you've known/you know) there's never been a winner,
Try your hardest, you'll still be a loser,
The world will still be turning when you've gone
Yeah when you've gone!

Y por último una letra que me recuerda mucho a un amigo y varios conocidos. Del mismo album, grupo y autores. Ozzy Osbourne sería pocos años después adicto durante décadas. Adicto cn un consumo desmesurado acompañado de una cantidad aún más desmesurada de alcohol. La peor droga que conozco, porque te hace sentir tan bien sin nigún motivo, tan superior cuando estás bajo, que te hace hablar como si todo lo que dices fuera muy mportante, pero si lo ves al día sigiente notas que sólo has dicho chorradas, las mismas de siempre. Sólo la droga te ha hecho pensar que lo que dices es más brillante.

Falsa, adicctiva, y casi tan peligrosa para la salud como el tabaco. Mucho más cara que el tabaco, eso si, salvo que vivas en Colombia, Perú o similar.

Snowblind (5:28)

What you get and what you see
Things that don't come easily
Feeling happy in my pain
Icicles within my brain

Something blowin' in my head
Winds of ice that soon will spread,
Down to freeze my very soul
Makes me happy makes me cold

My eyes are blind but I can see,
The snowflakes glisten on the tree(s)
The sun no longer sets me free
I feel the snowflakes freezing me

Let the winter sunshine on
Let me feel the frost of dawn
Fill my dreams of flakes of snow
Soon I'll feel the chilling globe


Don't you think I know what I'm doing?
Don't tell me that's it's doing me wrong
You're the one that's really the loser
This is where I feel I belong

Crystal world with winter flowers,
Turn my days to frozen hours
Lying snowblind in the sun
Will my ice age ever come?
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